Media Planning specializes in TV advertising.

Working with a big agency or media buying service is like working with a big law firm. Unless you're the top billing client, chances are you're working with a junior partner who's learning on your dollar.

When we tell prospective clients that big agencies don't get better media rates, they are sometimes skeptical. We could offer several examples where we have beaten the big agencies on price but this unsolicited email tells it all.

Media planning and media buying email for a new business pitch for BET, BRAVO, DISCOVERY, FOOD, HALLMARK, OXYGEN, LIFETIME, LIFETIME MVIE, TURNER MOVIE CLASSIC, VH1SOUL, VH1CLASSIC.

If you're not familiar with IPG, they have 41,000 employees worldwide and 28 companies in the U.S. that buy media for Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, Microsoft, Sony and others. Apparently, they work with outside specialists and freelancers for national TV media buying. occasionally receives media requests like this from major agencies and media buyers. The big agencies never seem to be too concerned about the price their clients will pay for media. Of utmost importance to them is that we utilize the Big Agency 3-L Strategy:

  • • Pick them up at the airport in a Limo.
  • • Take them to an expensive place for Lunch.
  • • Make sure they get good seats for the Lakers game.

A Dollar a Holler.

In the old days when TV spots first became available on local cable systems, a popular ad sales technique was to offer first-time clients "the dollar a holler" media strategy. 1000 spots for $1,000 -- or you could supersize and get 5000 spots for $5,000. This was sometimes referred to as the "tonnage" strategy.

If you venture out into the TV media swamp today, amongst the muck of per-inquiry, remnant time and rev-share deals, you can still find similar "packages" overlooked by more experienced marketers.

National TV Spots -- Only $34 -- Limited Time Offer -- Call Right Now!!

It makes you wonder why anyone would pay $400,000 for a single spot on American Idol when they could get 11,764 "national TV spots" for the same price.

Television media is a commodity.

Supply and demand controls the rates and they change every quarter, sometimes every day, sometimes every phone call. So, what's the bottom line? specializes in TV advertising.

What does it cost to run a TV spot on Monday Night Football in Tampa? How much is a pre-roll spot on the Yahoo home page? What's the minimum budget to do a national cable campaign? The media strategy is crucial and the price of media changes from quarter-to-quarter and from Monday to Friday depending on the available inventory.

Other considerations include sponsorships, preferred placements, category protection and other services that are as valuable as money. You do have to know what to ask for.

The media becomes part of the message.

Where does your spot play? On CNN? On the Internet? Sports, daytime, primetime, cable, national, local? How does your spot play? ROS, fixed, pre-roll, flighting, blitzing, bookends?

One simple scheduling strategy that we can provide might substantially impact the effectiveness of your entire advertising campaign. One technique might mean the difference between success and failure. offers comprehensive media planning and buying with preferred rates and placements. It only takes 1-2 weeks to develop a media strategy and plan and we can guarantee the rates and availability of the media.

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